WMSlight – new cheaper version of PrimatWMS

The younger brother of PrimatWMS

The precondition for growth is certainly monitoring technological progress and keeping up with the development of new knowledge, applications, software and more. Small businesses, often of limited capacity, can hardly afford bite such as implementing large software solutions that are often expensive and with unacceptable features. On the other hand, inexpensive solutions are often not that cheap either, ultimately resulting in higher costs, reduced efficiency and slow growth or even stagnation of the company.

In order to provide smaller companies with state-of-the-art warehouse monitoring software, we have developed a WMSlight version of our PrimatWMS solution. The WMSlight version includes Oracle NUP licenses for the Oracle XE edition database for up to 10 users, as well as one owner and up to two warehouses.

For offers, additional questions and further clarifications, please contact us at: [email protected]

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