About WMS

Warehouse Management System (WMS), in this case PrimatWMS is a complete solution for monitoring and control of all warehouse processus. It’s a key part of the supply chain and primarly aims to control the movement of goods in the warehouse including shipping, receiving, picking and putting away goods. The system navigates and optimizes the disposal of each item in its place. Control of all logistics processes is enabled without any paper trail.

It supports different concepts of storage (palletized or non-palletized goods, custom warehouses, automatc warehouses). Also, WMS supports different levels of automation of performing storage operations (automatic or manual mode).

WMS system is a complete solution for control and monitoring of all warehouse processes and the reason for introducing is among other things to accelerate the flow of goods, reduction of errors in the work, maximum use of working time and storage capacities in order to increase efficiency and profitability.

Primat WMS system is based on our own software developed here at Primat Informatika, all logistics solutions have been developed by our experienced engineers and developers tailored by the needs of the users themselves.

The system supports labelling, receiving and delivering finished goods using handheld RF terminals. All data is stored in the Oracle database. WMS covers all stages of manipulation of goods in the warehouse, from inputs, through production of commercial packages, to outputs and is linked to a superior business information system that, in real time, exchanges all the necessary information.

By its features and options, PrimatWMS is comparable with any global WMS solution but cost of it is more acceptable. Among other benefits that we’d like to mention, we must note that the software is flexible and that it supports any size of companies, enterprises and business scopes. In terms of Croatian companies, a big advantage is that we do business at home, which enables quick response and lack of language barrier.

Staff of Primat Informatika has extensive experience and knowledge and the software was created using new and modern technologies.

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