Primat Informatika is a small but successful company based in Zagreb, Croatia, created in 2010 by separating IT department from Primat Logistika. The company is focused on design, development and manufacturing logistics information systems and warehouse management systems that support businesses in efficient operations. We offer complete logistical solutions in different business areas.

Application and solution itself is based on the ORACLE database (RDBMS), Microsoft .Net technology and web services and are geared toward medium to large businesses. With its capabilities, solutions are comparable to any other WMS solutions, and are much more affordable, the software is flexible and supports any size of the business and scope of business and is made by our experienced employees using new and modern technology. The company is completely focused on the user and his needs, and the culture of heated discussion of needs and potential problems and partnership is part of our corporate identity.

The mission of Primat Informatika is to offer high quality, modern and innovative IT solutions and services to customers and business partners, creating them an added value for their products and their businesses, all in accordance with their needs.

The vision of Primat Informatika is to remain the strongest company in the region in design and development of warehouse management systems and continue to contribute to the development and success of its partners, users, employees and the entire community.

Kruno Barišić
The head of the firm, the Boss, also known as Founder. In a small finger holds all the knowledge about programming, technology and logistics in general. The first Apple fan in the company, when not writing code, is a participant of every cycling race or marathon in Croatia, and the rest of the time relaxes with a good whiskey and cigar though lately part of his menu are proteins and whey. He's been struggling last few years with his age and back, and after short thinking decided to invest in a new SUV of German production.
Dragica Kekić
Financial officer
At the beginning of the month, a gladly seen face among colleagues, helds the company's finances firmly, accounting and numbers come easily on everyday basis. On weekends, a frequent guest of Žumberak, and over a week, the masterchef in her own kitchen, prepares various delicacies, bakes cakes and enjoys time with her family.
Leo Rieger
System Administrator
Often seen in the official car on the way to the user to fix whatever needs. So loyal to Primat company that he does not even takes sick leaves, instead takes vacation days when it comes to health care. Often is a participant in arguments iphone vs android as a promoter of androids, at the work desk is mostly seen with the biggest headphones on the head. While his pulse is not too high, he breeds aronia, for jam, liqueur, juice ... and tries to eat healthy, but gyros is a big weakness.
Marina Lipnjak
Marketing Manager
The self-proclaimed Star of Primat, blonde with economy and marketing degree with desire and will to code, is the chief of social networking and pestering colleagues with the same. In her private time you can meet her at a gym, singing behind the wheel or hanging out with friends. While she is not in the long-term quest to push the logo and name of the company, dreams of moving to a place with a sea view and practicing yoga outdoors.