Oktal Pharma is one of the leading national pharmaceutical wholesalers in Croatia. For more than 28 years, we have been ensuring regular, high-quality distribution of drugs, medical products, and other health products to pharmacies, hospitals, public health centres, medical biochemistry laboratories, and opticians In September 2021, a contract was signed for the implementation of the PrimatWMS system in one of the Oktal pharma warehouses. The project is currently underway.
Boreas d.o., Kreševo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of Stanić Group, is the leading distributor of world-renowned products and brands in the field of drinks and tobacco from 8 distribution centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In February 2017, Boreas d.o.o. has signed a contract with Primat informatika about the implementation of the PrimatWMS system at the warehouse of the company in Kreševo. System was successfully implemented at fall the same year.
LUK d.o.o. is the leading company for the distribution of water, heating, air conditioning and dry building equipment in BiH. During the second half of 2011 and early 2012, the implementation of the business process automation system at WMS (Central Warehouse Company) was completed and its connection to the ERP system Imperios (Omega Sotware) through the web service. The system covers all phases of manipulation of goods in the warehouse, from inputs, through production of commercial packages, to outputs and is connected to a superior business information system that, in real time, exchanges all the necessary information.
On July 06, 2015, a contract was signed with Fokus d.o.o. for the implementation of Primat WMS solutions in several warehouses of the company through Croatia, primarily in the central warehouse in Zagreb. Fokus was founded in 1989 as a small family company with modest possibilities but with a clear vision of the future. Today, Fokus employs 128 people and has over 10,000 m2 of business space in Croatia. The headquarters of the company are located in Zagreb as well as the central warehouse.
At the end of 2000, a project was completed and a production warehouse was opened in production, where raw material, semi-finished products and finished products were stocked. The goods are paletized. At the beginning of 2007, a new generation of WMS systems was associated with RFC communication with the SAP / R3 EGO Group, which also includes Elektrokontakt. This includes part of the inventory management process in the production itself.
The beginning of 2021 brought us new users – KEINDL SPORT TRGOVINA d.o.o., has been following cycling through all disciplines for 20 years. They are distributors of the strongest cycling brands and offer a wide range of equipment for professional and recreational cycling. By signing the contract for the implementation of the WMSlight solution, Keindl made the first step in the modernization of the warehousing business, which will result in more efficient work, greater efficiency and better organization.
Auto Milovanović d.o.o. deals auto parts for all European, Korean, Japanese and American vehicles. The management of the company is located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company distributes a wide range of auto parts, accessories, service equipment and high quality motor oils, and are the general representatives of many of the world's brands for Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of 2016 a contract for the implementation of the PrimatWMS system was signed in the central warehouse of the company in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
SPORTINA GROUP, Slovenia, with more than 330 stores and more than 60 world-renowned brands is one of the largest fashion retailers in South East Europe. Sportina is a recognizable name in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Italy.
On Thursday, February 02, 2017, Sportina Group signed a contract with Primat informatika about the implementation of the PrimatWMS system in the company's warehouses.
Milsing is the largest distributor of vitamin & mineral products in Southeast Europe and is a distributor of Natural Wealth Company. Primat informatika designed and set up a business process automation system in warehouse and production. It is a ``light`` version of the WMS system without marking the storage positions. Production processes are supported through constituents of finished products, thus controlling the production of production materials by predetermined specification. In this way mistakes in production are reduced to a minimum. The entire process of handling goods in the warehouse is supported by manual RF terminals. During 2008, the system is connected to Navision's ERP system, both exchange data essential to work in both directions.
Narodne novine d.d. the largest supplier of office supplies, and one of the largest printers, especially official materials in the Republic of Croatia, and Primat-Logistics and Primat Informatika have designed and installed an automated warehouse system. With this project, we continued the sequence of automated warehouses started with DBT, improving the technical performance and capabilities. It is also the largest warehouse of such type in the Republic of Croatia.
F.A. MAIK d.o.o. performs comprehensive logistic services, from freight forwarding and transportation to the providing of storage services. Getting into the former warehouse of Labud, F.A. Maik has created a prerequisite for modern and transparent storage by contracting with Primat informatika setting up the PrimatWMS system in its warehouse at Žitnjak.
After long negotiations on April 27, 2015, a contract was signed with the Pevex retail chain to implement our WMS solution in the central warehouse in Gornji Stupnik, Zagreb. For more than 24 years, the Pevex company, when it comes to non-food trade, stands out in its centers with its distinctiveness in relation to the other ``do-it-yourself`` shops. The first Croatian trading chain of this kind operates in all parts of Croatia and is the first choice for purchase when it comes to products for construction, equipping and decorating home and garden.
Europapier Adria d.o.o is part of the Europapier group, one of the leading paper sellers in Eastern Europe, which is part of Heinzel Group. AS Logistik d.o.o., a company from Široki Brijeg, is a logistics partner of Europapier Adria. The newly built warehouse is additionally modernized with the PrimatWMS, which was released in March 2015.
AS Logistik is our partner with whom we developed some of features and modules of our PrimatWMS. The project is especially interesting to us as it is the first WMS system in the whole of Herzegovina.
Orbico is one of the leading consumer goods distributors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the general distributor of P&G products. With this project, we continued to improve our WMS product by introducing WEB service technology and .Net Compact Framework to handheld computers and RF terminals.
DBT is the leading supplier of construction joints in Croatia where Primat informatika designed and set up an automated warehouse system. It is also the first warehouse of such type in Croatia designed and built by a domestic company.